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A funny error

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Image source:  https://rideapart.com/articles/10-reasons-to-date-a-woman-who-rides-a-motorcycle

Image source: https://rideapart.com/articles/10-reasons-to-date-a-woman-who-rides-a-motorcycle

Today I bring a funny story about a truly fact in a certain country, I hope you like it.


In Britrain, you have to take a test if you want to ride a motorbike. in the test you always have to do an 'emergency stop', where you stop the bike as quickly possible.

One day a young woman was taking her test. Everything was going well when the examiner called her and told herto stop the bike. He wanted to see an emergency stop, so he asked the woman to continue riding round the streets until he jumped in front of the bike and shouted 'stop!' he told the young woman not to go too slowly, but to continue as usual. 

A little nervous, she continued quite slowly on the route and was nearly at the end when she saw a few people in the road. One of them waved and asked her to come and help them. Her examiner was sitting in the road, confused, but not badly hurt. 'What happened?' the biker asked. 'I jumped out on front of the wrong bike', said the examiner, 'and it did not stop'.


Source: Los Tres Editores s. a. s. (Estándares y competencias en IDIOMA EXTRANJERO 11°)