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Present Progressive (continuous) (Eng)

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Image source:  http://www.englisch-hilfen.de/en/grammar/present_progressive_diagram.htm

Image source: http://www.englisch-hilfen.de/en/grammar/present_progressive_diagram.htm

Hello, today I bring this useful information about one grammatical tense very used in English, I hope you like it.

The present progressive is used for mentioning the actions that are ocurring in the right moment they are said. It works with the same auxiliar verbs of the verb to Be (is- are- am). Its particularity is the use of the gerund (ING). it is easy to remember and to use, there are certain exceptions, but those are easy to remember as well.


          IS                            ARE                             AM

He               It              You           We                     I

         She                            They




(+)  Pron +  Aux verb  +  Verb (ing)  +  compl

(-)  Pron  +  Aux verb  +  not  +  Verb (ing)  +  Compl

(?)  Aux verb  +  Pron  +  Verb (ing)  +  Compl  ?



She is reading a book

She is not (isn't) reading a book

Is she reading  book?


* The negation could be contracted in this way (isn't - Aren't) but the recoomendation is to put them separately, because it is more formal.


* When a verb has only one syllable and a vowel is after a consonant and before a last consonant, the last consonant is doubled (Run = Running; Dig = Digging; Swim= Swimming)