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Future Simple (will) eng

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Image source:  http://karelisabbate.blogspot.com.co/2013/08/futuro-simple-prof-karelis-abbate.html

Image source: http://karelisabbate.blogspot.com.co/2013/08/futuro-simple-prof-karelis-abbate.html

The future simple is basicaly for metioning the actions that are going to happen in the furure. It is simple because we only need to mention the pronoun (subject) the action (verb) and the object (complement). WILL is the modal verb that is used in this grammar tense, it perfectly fits with all the personal pronouns. Will as a modal verb doesnt have a meaning, its function is to turn the main verb into its future form.



He                     It                      We                       They

           She                         I                    You      



(+) Subject  +  Will  +  Verb  +  Compl

(-) Subject  +  Will  +  not  +  Verb  +  Compl

(?) Will +  Subject +  Verb  +  Compl ?




You will drink an orange juice

You will not (won't) drink an orange juice

Will you drink an orange juice?


*for the negative you can contract the modal verb and the negation in this way  WON'T but the recomendation is to put them separately  WILL NOT; in formal writing it is necessary to put them separately. All depends on your decition.