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  • Future Simple (will) Esp

    17 junio 2017

    Image source: http://karelisabbate.blogspot.com.co/2013/08/futuro-simple-prof-karelis-abbate.html El futuro simple es básicamente para mencionar acciones que van a ocurrir en el futuro. Es simple porque solo necesitamos mencionar un pronombre (sujeto),...

  • Reality Television

    13 julio 2017

    Image source: https://storify.com/jtam1/reality-tv Hello, Today I bring a useful reading in order to make you identify various things in a text, like the kind of the text, what you can infer about it. Reality television is a genre of television programming...

  • describing a person

    11 septiembre 2018

    In The Prince and the Pauper, Mark Twain paints a word picture of King Henry VIII using descriptive language: Before him, at a little distance, reclined a very large and very fat man, with a wide ... This information was taken from another blog, if you...

  • The Adventure

    25 junio 2017 ( #Funny time )

    Image source: https://www.facebook.com/englishpics/photos/


    11 junio 2017 ( #readings, #simple present )

    HANK AND GINGER'S LIFE Hank is a cowboy. He lives on a farm. He has a horse named Ginger. Hank loves Ginger. He rides Ginger every day. Sometimes they walk slowly, and sometimes they run fast. They always have a good time. Ginger is Hank's horse. She...

  • Roman, Carl, Lorenzo and Rebecca's story #simple present

    12 junio 2017 ( #readings, #simple present )

    Hello I am Roman, I am a Spanish boy, I am in the kitchen because I am a chef, I am 22 years old and I live in New York, I love this place but my brother does not too much, his name is Carl, he is 18 years old and he is from Spain too, he is a lawyer...

  • Welcome to English D

    11 junio 2017

    Hello everyone, in this blog I am going to share useful information about the English language, if it is good for you, remember to share with your friends. D.

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