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The Ghost In The Forest

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Image source: https://itunes.apple.com/mx/app/ghost-run-lost-soul-in-forest/id1173168024?mt=8

Image source: https://itunes.apple.com/mx/app/ghost-run-lost-soul-in-forest/id1173168024?mt=8

Here I bring a good reading for practicing. I hope you enjoy it. The idea is to make you read and understand the reading, Teachers and other people may use it for different purposes, like teaching or whatever.



Many people who lived near the Theme Park are afraid to go into the forest area. there is a legend that a woman who once lived in the forest as an outlaw hundred and hundred of years ago, she still walks there as a ghost at night.

The legend says, she was a great warrior from a rich family, but the wicked king, who ruled the country, killed her family and burned her castle, that is quiteclose to the Theme Park.

Her name was Maureen. Maureen escaped being killed by running into the forest. Because of this, the king made a decree.

Many of the poor people, who knew Maureen, they liked her very much and they told her what the king was going to do. Maureen decided to fight the king. She did this by helping the poor, by robbing the rich and giving their money to the poor. Every time someone rich came through the forest, she would rob him.

Maureen was a heroine for the poor, but in the end, one of the poor betrayed her for fifty gold coins.

She was caught by the king´s soldiers and they hung in the forest by the king from one of the old oak trees. The legend says that her ghost still walks there in the night. So beware!


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